As the second part of a performance-series that explores the topics of love and intimate relationship, ’Together’ gives an intimate insight into the relationship between man and woman that is based on love and lasts for a couple of decades. How is it possible to last? Where are the breaking points? „Is there a soul that coud keep us together?”
’Together’ is a performance of movement, images and music. There is not a word spoken on stage. The two performers cover the arch of a relationship from the first sight of the other through hardships of being together until they reach the point of perfect harmony. The subtle interactivity between the performers and the audience shows the essence of society’s behaviour towards the ones in love – the support or the envy that the partners must endure.
A dance, an embrace, a machine.

Performed by:
Heni Varga – She
Dénes Döbrei – Him

Concept and direction: Attila Antal

Music: Secret Man

Choreography: Dénes Döbrei, Heni Varga

Director’s assistant: Biljana Rončević
Visual identity: Attila Antal
Light design: Boris Butorac

’Summer Cinema’ Theatre Company, 2014