The Lit and Mix Book

The Lit and Mix Book of Stories is a tribute from Denes Döbreis to his math teacher Nándor Lajkó, created along with his childhood friend Félix Lajkó, Nandors son. It is a variable performance that starts with a Skype conversation with one of their childhood friends, many of whom fled Yugoslavia during the civil war and are now living around the world. Each one is asked to share a theme. A video created by cineasts Igor and Ivan Buharov is projected upon two screens always including a sequence of the Denes arrival in the theatre that same day. The theme shared by their Skype guest and the space of the day are the improvisational elements for teach performance.
Behold, flies in the room
Silky colorful butterfly
Poised, rustling, patter up
The ceiling-blue
(Ivan Alekszejevics Bunyin)

Team : (the team is composed with people from the same area, who now are living around the world , this creation was enable by internet communications)
Dénes Döbrei (dance), Félix Lajkó (music) Igor and Ivan Buharov (film), Heni Varga (costumes), Lálity István (artistic advisor), Csaba Hegyi (scenography)

Sponsors: National Cultural Fund and the Gabor Bethlem ZRT Fund