A kelebijai Nyári Mozi Színházi Közösség előadása
Location: “Víg Kamara” Theatre
Date: 2015. március 16., 21 óra
www.jegymester.hu Ticket prices: 800 Ft
“Nem tudjuk megtanítani a macskát, hogy ne fogja meg a madarat.”
(Albert Einstein)

DOUBLE DUO – MORSURE D’ABEILLE Production de la “Nyári Mozi” Theatre Community – Kelebija ” One cannot teach a cat not to catch birds ” (Albert Einstein) Two couples – two women and two men – traveling the world, from town to town . They settle down from time to time and rent an apartment, considering it as home, where suitcases overlap boxes, books are on shelves with all sort of souvenirs. A mosaic of thoughts, sensations, atmospheres are sealed within four creative bodies that incarnate them, each one expressing them in different ways. The cruel crunch of salt crystals under the summer sun of Slovenian saltworks, the curves of Australian cave drawings and eucalyptus forest’s scent, the young couples identically dressed, coming from their honeymoon in a mandarin tree forest on a Korean volcanic island, having spent evenings drinking sake in Hakusu’s greenhouse. A journey, sometimes static, sometimes in movement, a story which takes place in the present, evoking the past, undeniably planning its actions with the future in mind. Memories, dreams, and forgetting the past are at the heart of this representation. The technical work-process intertwines dance and music intimately. It enables the transformation (processing) of mechanical and automatic attention into pure concentration. The voice, sung and spoken, contributes to the travelers quest for answers in space and time: In what direction? How far? Why? Where? Where from? For whom? How do tonalities, body positions and outlines take shape in an empty, homogeneous, changeable space, ordered or muddled, filled or empty? How does the body change in space, how does space develop itself in the body? The purpose of this creation is to reveal and explode hypersensitive and deeply buried memories through the artists. Stories about objects, seeds, encounters that transform the story, that transform us… We are seeking to unify, to adjust, to bend each one of the twigs composing these four respective beings, so that HhuAka ( A ) may vibrate in one same voice. THE TEAM: Dance: Denes Debreï and Heni Varga Musique: Rodolphe Bourotte and Latifa Le Forestier Stage Management: Boris Butorac “The shortest path that leads to oneself takes one around the world” (H. de Keyserling: A philosopher’s travel journal) DENES DEBREI Studies drama at Novi Sad’s conservatory and plays at Subotica’s theater. In 1986, he founds the Nyari Mozi company with I. Lalic. He participates in Joseph Nadj’s creations: Canard Pékinois “Pekinese duck”, The Death of the emperor, Comedia Tempio, Les Echelles d’Orphee “Orpheus’s Ladders” , Woyzeck, l’Ebauche du vertige “Hint of dizziness”, L’Anatomie du fauve “Wildcat’s anatomy”, “The Comments of Habacuc”, “The Wind in the bag” (first golden prize of the best actor MESS 1998 Sarajevo) and Les Veilleurs “The watchmen”, Assistant director for Poussiere de soleils et Longueur de 100 aiguilles “Dust of suns and Length of a 100 needles”. Since 2000 he collaborates with Min Tanaka dancer and choreographer, in particular on the project ” Smiling in the forest ” on 2004 Tokyo (Japan) Cinema actor: 1985 “Gondviseles” of Pale Erdos ( Hungary) (Prize of the best leading part of the Golden toucan, International film festival of Rio de Janeiro) Choreography: 1986-2012: Solanum Tuberossum, Hu Die, Five for two, The fall of Belzebuth, Acute accent, Napút has Cédrus árnyékában, 1. HhouAka ( A ): “Skin garden”, 2. HhouAka ( A ):“Ephemeroptera (Mayfly) honey” 2006 “Emma” Chat Geza staged by: Peter Fekete Nepszinhaz Subotica production (Serbia) choreographer – Sterija prize for the best chorography in Novi Sad (Serbia) 3. HhouAka ( A ): “Bee Bite”… 2009 he Founds the Kobez-Centre of Body Memory in Toulouse HENI VARGA She plays at the National Theater of Subotica directed by L. Ristic Theatre director)and the choreographer Nada Kokotovic from 1986 to 1990. In 1989, she trains at the Theater of the Movement Skene in Budapest, and from 1990 to 1992 at the International school of the Theater Jacques Lecoq. Since then, Heni Varga works between France and Hungary and other Eastern European countries. In particular directed by stage directors: Etienne Guichard, Christian Benedetti, Cyril Grosse and Urban András for whom she is hired as a comedian, choreographer, and trainer… She had various work experiences with Christine Quoiraud amoung which as assistant choreographer), Min Tanaka for whom she organized workshops in Serbia and danced within the framework of his dance festival Hakushu in Japan. She regularly works with the choreographers Joseph Nadj at the CCNO and Denes Debrei. She studied traditional No Kathakali and Topeng theaters at ARTA Paris For the last 3 years she directs workshops of “Body space-mapping ” (the body in its personal space (internal and external) and the space around the body) for performers and interpreters (dancers, comedians, musicians, clowns…)


Fotó: Alain Baggi

Heni Varga
Dénes Döbrei

Latifa le Forestier
Rodolphe Bourotte

Latifa le Forestier
Rodolphe Bourotte

Costume Designer
Heni Varga

Döbrei Dénes, Varga Heni

Előadás időtartama: 60 perc