TRINITAS – performance by emerging artists of the Moving Matters Project

2024. 06. 10.
Home of Nyári Mozi Theatre Community (Kelebija, Graničarska 35.)
Our environment affects us. It writes itself into the memory of our body, our muscles. We are imprinted by the landscape, the rising sun, the morning dew, the sand, a few sprigs of marguerite or
chamomile, the dance of the mayflies, the water, a razor-sharp fence, the border zone, the laughs, the cries, the country roads, the nights, the dance, the fire. The fire that burns in the heart.
Six emerging artists from three countries worked together for three weeks in Kelebija to create a unity of themselves, to forge a creative community that will continue to exist in the years to come.
They filtered through all their impressions, absorbing experiences that will stay with them for a long time to come, even in their individual works.
The processing work begins with their first performance together. This is the first stage. Over the next two years, the international team will continue to work in Norway, the Canary Islands and Ireland as part of the Moving Matters project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme.
Anikó Nagy (SRB)
Dácil Ortega (ESP)
Guro Rokstad Clausen (NOR)
Koset Quintana (ESP)
Erik Aarum Kierkegaard (NOR)
Dániel Tóth (SRB)
Dénes Döbrei
Heni Varga
Tamás Oláh
Luna Salamon
Production and management:
Uroš Ranković