HOMELAND FESTIVAL  // 3.7. – 7.7.2023


Organised by Nyári Mozi Theatre Community

from 3rd – 7th of July 2023



Or there is!

We are the creators of our own time.

Let’s dance

let’s move, let’s be moved, let’s be shaked, by emotions, by knowledge, by the nature…

Let’s learn


For some time now, the Nyári Mozi Theater Community has been exploring the potential of polyphonic expression to generate creativity through artist-led and interdisciplinary collaborations.

We wonder if it is possible in this age of festival hyperproduction, to build a festival that is both dedicated to personal development through art and open to the larger community?

We offer you the opportunity to give yourself time and space, to regain the ability to communicate with nature, others, and yourself. And we’d like to invite you to a five day

two-part festival. The first half of the day is dedicated to personal growth, while the second part is dedicated to community interaction, engagment and sharing.

This five-day intensive art festival is open to young theatre professionals, including actors, directors, choreographers, and overall stage practitioners who want to focus on and enhance their studies of psychodrama and performing arts. On the other side, it is open to fans of the arts, dance, music, theater, and visual arts. All of the attendees will explore their full potential and they’ll try to find their purpose, passion and place in the world we live in.

We think that close collaboration between artists, arts organizations, and other members of the community improves living conditions for all and contributes to a healthier, more sustainable environment. We seek to expand existing cross-cultural relations between countries, people and essential being.

life calm transformation mother appreciation safety warmth comfort system patience change continuity honesty openness togetherness limitlessness change life action life togetherness food joy attention


*** The festival is supported by NKA, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap from Hungary and is part of the Krušče na Kelebiji project


Why are workshops important to us?

to get closer to yourself

to learn something new

to recode yourself

to reorganize your body and thoughts


can help you




be here




Accommodation is available only to workshop participants. You can stay at the Nyári Mozi Theater Community’s earth house/common area or in your own tent in our forested area of the yard.

*It is necessary to bring a sleeping bag, blanket, towels and cups. Self-insurance is recommended.


This price applies to those participants who want to participate in the section of the festival dedicated to personal growth – workshops at our festival, the amount you pay is decided by the number of workshops held that day. The program in the second part of the festival is free (this includes plays, film screenings, concerts and performances).

To truly enjoy the opportunity to learn from all of the great artists and mentors, we set a price for those who want to obtain the full experience and participate in all workshops.

Full price (workshops+food+accomodation) for students: 190€, all days

Full price (workshops+food+accomodation) for others: 210 €, all days

If you cannot attend the whole festival, you can choose on which days u want to participate.

  • 1st day 30€ / opening of the festival, arrival of the workshop participants, RHYTHM workshop

  • 2nd day 50€ / Tomi Janežič, Katja Legin, RHYTHM workshop

  • 3rd day 50€ / Tomi Janežič, Katja Legin, RHYTHM workshop

  • 4th day 40€ / RHYTHM workshop, Gobi Rita

  • 5th day 40€ / RHYTHM workshop, Gobi Rita

*Registration and your place in the workshops becomes valid after payment of 30 EUR or 3800 din to the following account:


Name: Theater Association Letnji Bioskop; OTP Bank

Apply at: https://forms.gle/1apgRGvdWoeuKJwZ6 Number of participants for workshops is limited to: 14)

Psychodrama is a worldwide, recognised group psychotherapeutic method, developed
by Jacob Levy Moreno and based on his theory of roles, which uses acting as a tool,
but psychodrama techniques can also be applied in contexts that are not classical
psychotherapy. Theatre director and psychodrama psychotherapist Tomi Janežič,
professor at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, has
worked in the field of application of psychodrama and group analysis to artistic and
art-pedagogical processes for the last two decades. These applications involve
exploration and facilitation of artistic (and learning) processes in different artistic fields
through psychotherapeutic techniques, with the objective of safer, healthier, more
functional and more fulfilling artistic processes. The experiential workshop is a platform
for a safe and playful exploration of needs, difficulties, challenges and potentialities in
individual and group creative processes.
Tomi Janežič is a Slovenian theatre director and a psychodrama psychotherapist,
professor of theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television in
Ljubljana (Slovenia) and a visiting professor at Universities in different countries. As an
artist he presented his work at some of the most prominent international theatre
festivals in more then twenty countries around Europe, Russia, and USA (Wiener
Festwochen, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Golden mask, New European Theatre, Bitef,
Mess, Eurokaz, Fabbrica Europa, Heddaprisen, Theorem Meeting – Festival
Avignon etc.) and has received more then fifty mostly international recognitions and
awards, among them the most important national prizes in Slovenia and the highest
national theatre nominations or awards in nine different countries, including Russia,
Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Croatia, Serbia etc.
Janežič is an internationally recognised expert in the field of acting creative techniques.
His work is known among other things for the application of psychodrama and group
analysis in creative processes. He has been the artistic director of the Studio for
Research on the Art of Acting since 1996 and artistic co-director of Krušče Creative
Center in Slovenia, and has conducted dozens of workshops internationally (Oslo
National Academy of Arts, Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio – The Arts University
College, Act – Escola de Actores – Lisbon, Metodi festival – International Meeting of
Acting Methods and Approaches – Castiglioncello, Oslo International Acting Festival,
Napoli Teatro Festival, Desire Central Station, Theatre Olympics – Sankt Peterburg,
TESZT, BITEF, Academies of Art in Arezzo, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Osijek, Skopje, Zagreb
Short creative workshop “ŠLAGER” * // KATJA LEGIN
The workshop will dedicate some time and space to the music that moves us in some
way or another. Which songs move/touch me (from known or unknown reasons)? Which
songs get on my nerves? What is currently “my song”? What were “my songs” in the
past? What kind of worlds does a certain song open up for me? Are there songs I love
secretly and I wouldn’t listen to with others?
The suggested theme is a starting point for individual associations, relations and
interests of participants. The work aims at establishing a group atmosphere where
relaxed, supportive and non judgemental attitude can nurture playfulness, creativity,
humor and meaning. For sure there will be some dancing involved, even if just for warm
1. šlager as a term in popular music was created in the first half of the 20th century and
was responsible for spreading the popular music in parts of Europe. It is a popular vocal
composition accompanied by a simple instrumental. At the beginning it was easy arias
from operettas performed at cabarets. Later it was also original songs written in the
spirit of operettas. The term is coming form the german word schlager which means hit
and is referring to a song with an easy melodic line that had the ability to enchant the
lovers of popular music and had a great commercial success.
2. in english: hit, meaning a very popular song (and not necessary a cheesy kitsch
3. in Slovenian: old term for pop song
Katja Legin (Ljubljana, 1985) graduated from Laban Conservatoire of Dance in
London. As part of her MA studies in theatre directing (Academy for theatre, radio, film
and television in Ljubljana) she wrote a longer text, which was later published as the
book Dualities: The Performer and His Work (MGL, 2015). She danced with
EnKnapGroup and since 2009 works as a freelancer. In the years she collaborated with
most of the prominent Slovene choreographers and authors in the field of performing
arts. She has participated in various creative processes in very diverse roles – as a
dancer, author, choreographer, dramaturg, external eye, mentor, pedagogue/professor,
writer, curator. She was given a special Ksenja Hribar award in 2017 for her work as a
performer, for her work with No!training Lab and the book she wrote. For a long time her
great interests in performing arts were aliveness, performative qualities and
improvisation. In recent years, she has been interested in the creation/composition of a
stage work as an event that happens (only) in the presence of all those involved
(audience and performers). In her performances she likes to set up filmic situations, with
over the top female figures and play with humour verging on tragedy. One of her last
performances Oh, how very ordinary (created in collaboration with Bojana Robinson)
toured to Desirée festival 2022 and was selected for Slovene biennale of contemporary
dance Gibanica 2023. Together with theatre director Tomi Janežič, they are the artistic
directors of Krušče Creative Centre, a creative estate in the hills of Slovenia.
The RHYTHM workshop is intended for all everyone who likes rhythm and music.
Simple sounds on the same wavelength – simple sounds to get a little closer…
Sounds surround us, but where are we in this noise?
Let’s put the music from this puzzle together.
A little percussion adventure begins!
Vladimir Vdovin – Percussionist, founder of the DrumTamTam percussion school.
Rita Góbi graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy as a dance artist,
choreographer and dance teacher. She has been part of many independent dance
theatre productions and films. Nowadays, she is most involved in the development of
her own style. She plays with the separate movement of body parts, loves repetitive,
miniature movements, free dance focused on inner attention. Rita has given workshops
and masterclasses on many occasions; in Poland, Russia, Portugal, the Czech
Republic, Serbia, the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Greece, etc.
In her classes you are guaranteed to be recharged, because she is a real energy bomb,
who is happy to share the flow of energies and to guide you to discover, to use
consciously and to develop your own body and soul.
Through the movements we learn to sense the flow of energies and they lead us to
discover, consciously use and develop our own body and soul. From inward looking, we
are guided to connecting in pairs and then in groups, listening to each other and
working together. A session ends with a choreographed “gobi-dance” in a joyful and
free atmosphere. Through the release of our innate playfulness and movement, we
open the way to experience, accept and embrace ourselves, thus freeing our creativity
and allowing us to stand up for ourselves.
Edita Kadirić
Laura Peić
Valentina Vencel
Don’t do, Try! (HU/SLO)
Černobiljska molitva (SRB)
2nm (HU)
“100 year old men” // Szász Csongor
“Opera film” // Szabolcs Tolnai
Balkan Whispers // Boris Petkovič
Bolcsó Bálint and Márkos Albert, concert
“Cauliflower extensions” // Mészáros Gábor and Szűcs Dávid
Bach + cake // Ábrahám Máté
Bitef smrti + jam session
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OTP Bank
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