Workshop under the leadership of Katharina Seyferth
from the International Centre Las Téoulères
in Kelebija at the headquarters of the Nyári Mozi Theatre Community

from 1st to 10th July, 2024

In this intensive 8 day workshop (arrival on the 1st of July afternoon and departure on the 10th in the morning), the goal is to unlock your potential by breaking free from conditioned patterns and accessing your true essence. Through a series of exercises, including energy activation, body release, rhythm exploration, and vocal vibration, you’ll discover a new level of presence, flexibility, and awareness.

On the last day of the workshop, we will present the results of the work process in an open class. It would be interesting to see artists from different fields coming together in one space. 


Step into a transformative journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration with our dynamic workshop focused on body, voice, and movement. Designed for actors, performers, aspiring artists, and anyone intrigued by the magic of the stage, this immersive experience invites you to break free from societal constraints and unlock your true essence.
Discover the power of your body, voice, and perception as you delve into a series of engaging exercises aimed at unleashing your organic energy and personal rhythm. Through playful yet profound activities, you’ll tap into your innermost memories, awaken your natural voice, and embrace the flow of your inner pulsations.
The workshop is grounded in a holistic approach that emphasizes:
• Activating and harnessing your energy
• Releasing physical and vocal blockades
• Exploring tempo and rhythm with precision and spontaneity
• Cultivating deep, natural breathing and vocal vibration
• Crafting individual actions within a supportive environment
As you embark on this journey, you’ll cultivate:
• Presence that radiates from within
• Suppleness and lightness in movement
• Heightened perception and concentration
• Inner and outer attentiveness to space, movement, and energy
Through vocal exercises, you’ll strengthen your respiratory muscles, soften the diaphragm, and uncover the intricate connection between breath, voice, and movement. Meanwhile, our focus on individual actions will empower you to create structured yet authentic expressions in natural settings.
Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just beginning your creative path, this workshop promises to ignite your passion and unlock your artistic potential.


Katharina Seyferth, an actress since 1972, trained with Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen in New York and worked with Jerzy Grotowski in Poland. She later became the Director of the International Centre for Theatrical Research and Training in Las Téoulères, founded in 2000, focusing on Grotowski’s methods. The center offers courses and events, collaborates with various organizations, and hosts artist residencies since 2018.


Accommodation is in the common area of the Nyári Mozi Theatre Community for participants in the workshop or in their own tent in the yard (one tent is provided).

It is recommended to bring a sleeping bag or blanket.
In Kelebija, the weather is quite unpredictable, so we recommend that participants bring comfortable, waterproof clothes and shoes, a swimsuit, as well as equipment for work at the workshop.
Self insurance is recommended.


The food is vegetarian and macrobiotic. If you have a special diet or allergy to certain foods, please indicate this in the application email.


This workshop is not supported by any grant. The prices are made taking in consideration the meals, sleeping arrangements, technicalities such as electricity, water, cleaning and supplies.
The registration fee includes the workshop, all meals and accommodation.

The number of participants is limited to 14.

ARRIVAL of participants: June 01, 2024, afternoon
DEPARTURE of participants: July 10, 2024, morning 


The fee for the workshop is 420 Euros.
*-15% reduction for students and unemployed. (356 Euros)
*State it in the application email.

Additional one-time fee when arriving will be paid by everyone’s freedom of choice between 5-10 Euros for 10 days spent in Kelebija. You can decide how much you can donate. 

*Registration becomes valid after the payment of non refundable deposit of 50 EUR to the following account:

IBAN: /RS35325960170005143794
or 5800 din to the following account:
Name: Theater Association Letnji Bioskop
OTP Bank
**Important note / payment should be made under the name: DONATION – The Organic Actor
Apply by sending an email to this address: